12 September 2011 - 

Minoan Zominthos – Excavations at the summit of Mt. Psiloreitis


A bronze Minoan figurine of a cult worshipper, from the 16th century BC, an agate necklace, seals and other items of bronze and bone – just some of the remarkable finds uncovered during this year’s excavations in one of the most important sections of the palace complex at Zominthos.

The Minoan palace of Zominthos is located on Mt. Psiloreitis, at 1,187m above sea level. The site was inhabited from 1800 BC up to the period of the Turkish occupation. In Minoan times the location was traversed by the sacred way leading from the palace at Knossos to the sanctuary cave of Idaion Andron.

The excavation, involving a team of fifty individuals, was overseen by archaeologist Effie Sapouna-Sakellaraki, in collaboration with the Institute for Technology and Research and with the support of the Paul and Alexandra Canellopoulos Foundation.

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